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The Midnight McBride Show Episode 70 - “Terminal Velocity” (Part 2)

April 14, 2021

This is the second part of my interview with Terminal Diagnosis Survivor and Author -

Samantha Wilson.

Samantha's story is full of twists and turns and had me totally gripped.

I definitely think this tale should be made into a movie.

It includes making a full recovery after being given only three weeks to live as a child.

A long running battle with the authorities.

Going on the run, being followed, going to the press and eventually Samantha and her family were interviewed on national TV.

A truly incredible story.

Samantha's book of this tale ("Reluctant Rebels") has just been released.

She came in to film for one show and we ended up chatting for over 3 hours.

Thank you for sharing your miraculous and amazing journey with us Samantha.

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